Six Months Month Chinese Mandarin Classes (3 Days A Week)

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"About this course Learn about Mandarin Chinese as a tool for communication to gain insights into Chinese society and culture. This, Beginners’ Chinese Course, provides a brief introduction to the Chinese language, its scripts and sounds, and how words and sentences are formed. You will hear short conversations where people greet each other, introduce themselves, describe where they come from and what they do for a living. You’ll also hear them talk about their daily activities and other food and drinks in a restaurant. The course will be easily accessible to those with some basic knowledge of Chinese. TOPIC 1 First Words First words regard to as primary words used to form day-to-day conversation, e.g. Ni Hao which means Hello. Others are the question words e.g. which, who, where, why, when, what and how (the six Ws and one H). TOPIC 2 Greetings/Introduction When we meet someone at first, there is the need to learn about him or her. In this topic, we shall learn some ways to introduce yourself, including name, nationality, identity, and discussing your family. We are also going to study Chinese Mandarin phonetics such as • What is your name? • How are you? • Where are you from? • Are you a student? • Who is he/she? Class Activity: At the end of the topic student will be required to introduce themselves one after the other in Chinese language. TOPIC 3 Numberings In this topic, we are going to learn about numbers and how to describe our daily schedules applying numbers, time, periods, and some corresponding actions • Numbers…0-100 • Time (1): O'clock • Time (2): Periods • Daily Arrangements TOPIC 4 Foods/Drinks Food is our most important need. In this topic, we will discuss about Foods, fruits, vegetables and meat, as well as drinks. Have you seen or tried any of this Chinese dishes? • Food • Fruits • Vegetables and Meat • Drinks TOPIC 5 Colours And Shapes In this topic we shall learn various colours and shapes in Chinese language. • Colours • Shapes Class Activity: Students will discuss colours and shapes in Chinese language. TOPIC 6 Time The period will expose pupils to Chinese ways of telling the time and seasons. • Days of the week • Weeks • Months • Year Class Activity: Students will be tasked to speak on days, weeks, months and year TOPIC 7 Family We aim at impacting students on what different personality in the family is Mum, Dad, Siblings, Uncle etc. TOPIC 8 Position/Weather Weather can influence our daily life and personal health. In this topic, we shall discuss about temperature, seasons, and positions. • Temperature • Seasons Class Activity: Students will be tasked on positions and seasons TOPIC 9 Hobby And Personal Interest This topic will help the students to discuss about hobbies and individual interests in Chinese language. Class Activity: Students will stand up one after another to speak on their hobbies. TOPIC 10 NOUN This will be a concluding topic for beginners where names of people Animals, places and things will be discussed. Class Activity: Students will be required to say different names in Chinese language and forming sentences with them."   Directions: 37 Dennis Osadebey Crescent, Zone A National Assembly Quarters Apo

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“Success Signitive PTE Limited, registered with Corporate Affairs Commission with RC 1487301, is a language consulting firm with vast experience in impacting knowledge of Mandarin-Chinese language on clients in institutions and organizations. Our services extend to language Interpretation/Translation Tours and Tourism. Our Instructors are respected professionals in their fields who are willing and passionate to share their experiences with students in a noise-free and conducive learning environment. We also provide verifiable certificates at the completion of each course taken so as to show co-workers, friends, and potential employers what you’ve accomplished. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced student, or if you simply need help to strengthen specific areas of the subject, our experienced and vetted tutors will help you reach your goals and produce amazing results. At CLTN, our customers are our first priority and we ensure they are happy and satisfied always by providing them with quality, efficient and reliable services.”

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Six Months Month Chinese Mandarin Classes (3 Days A Week)

99,750.00105,000.00 VAT excl. (-5%)

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